Satellite Master Antenna Television

SMATV, or Satellite Master Antenna Television, is perfect for distribution a selection of individual television and radio channels to multiple locations. It allows you total control over what channels can be accessed by your customers – perfect for locations such as prisons, care homes, hotels, bed and breakfasts, hospitals, holiday camps and other locations where you want to limit what can be accessed. It even allows you to add your own channels – perfect for hotels wishing to welcome guests or promote services.

The system works with satellite dish and aerial, which will be connected to a distribution hub. This hub will then retrieve the signals and route the selected channels to each individual location. The administrator of the system will be able to change any or all of this. Each individual end user can access any of the channels at any time.

All of this from a single satellite dish and digital aerial, meaning a robust and comprehensive system with a discrete and unobtrusive external appearance.

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