Integrated Receiving Systems

IRS, or "Integrated Receiving System" is an elegant solution to the problem of multiple satellite dishes and aerials on a single building.

At Central UK, we work with architects and builders to ensure that their future tenants have the infrastructure in place to receive whatever media they want – whether that be Sky, Sky+, Sky HD, Freeview, FM Radio or DAB radio.

IRS systems allow you to distribute all of these services to multiple homes and multiple rooms in the same building with only one satellite dish, one digital aerial and one FM aerial.

For smaller developments we can usually distribute the necessary signals using one multi-switch over traditional copper cabling. For larger developments we can use fibre optic cabling, meaning no signal loss no matter the number of distribution points and the distances involved.

This means that new home buyers or new tenants can decide whether they want a Sky subscription or Freeview and simply purchase the appropriate receivers and plug them into the wall socket that’s already been prepared for them.

No more unsightly rows of satellite dishes, no more disputes between neighbours and no problem with local authority planning officers. We’re now also able to offer IRS systems using fibre optic cabling.

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