Satellite Broadband

Why Choose Satellite Internet?

Using a small satellite dish on the outside of your building, along with a modem connected to the computer, we can offer you high-speed satellite broadband, reliably, wherever you’re located. You can share the service just as you would with wired broadband, using a conventional network or wirelessly, giving your computer or smart phone access to all the latest internet services.

Satellite Internet delivers broadband just about wherever you want without needing a terrestrial network or phone line. That means as long as your site has an unobstructed view of the southern sky where the satellite is, you can have a satellite internet dish installed quickly and economically.

Unlike terrestrial broadband which is affected by the distance from the exchange, satellite speeds are the same wherever you are. Everyone is the same distance from the satellite. Because of that distance, satellite broadband is a high-latency service so will not be as instantly responsive as most equivalent terrestrial services, despite its true broadband speed.

Benefits of Satellite Broadband:

  • No phone line required
  • Fastest broadband speeds
  • Total UK coverage
  • Fast satellite dish installation
  • Get HD TV
  • Always on broadband connection

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