Communal & Commercial TV Aerial & Satellite Installers Central Scotland, Stirling, Falkirk

At Central UK, we are specialists in working with architects and builders on solutions for the distribution of terrestrial television, satellite television, digital & FM radio, and internet media to multiple locations in a single building.

Although we can retrofit many of our solutions into existing buildings and onto existing plans, it’s important to involve Central UK early in the design process. That way we can ensure our solutions are robust, unobtrusive and cost effective to deliver.

We can offer solutions to the commercial sector ranging from the installation of a single satellite or aerial to one office television, right through to:

  • IRS, or Integrated Receiving Systems – perfect for distribution satellite and aerial signals to multiple rooms or multiple flats within a single building.
  • MATV, or Master Antenna Television – for distributing digital aerial signals to multiple rooms or multiple flats. Perfect when premium satellite isn’t a priority in your development.
  • SMATV, or Satellite Master Antenna Television – for distribution digital satellite signals to multiple rooms o multiple flats, with the added advantage of giving you total control over the individual channels that are being distributed on the network.

Call us on 01324 430027 or 01786 542017, to find out more about our IRS, MATV and SMATV installation services.