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Wired & Wireless Home Network Installation by Central UK IT Services | Central Scotland, Stirling, Falkirk

As more and more of the consumer electronic equipment we have in our homes are internet enabled - from games consoles such as Wiis, Xboxes and Playstaions, to internet ready TVs, internet radios, laptops, PCs, Smartphones and tablets – the more important a reliable and fast broadband connection is to our lives.

At Central IT Services we can help ensure everything you need is connected properly and that both your router and your broadband connection are optimised to ensure the best online experience for you and your gadgets!

Of if you’ve changed broadband provider or got a new router, we can make sure the changeover from old to new equipment is straightforward and fast. Your broadband provider’s responsibility stops with the master telephone socket in your home, but your router may be at a different room on a different extension. We can ensure the cabling and wiring is up to the job.

We can also install and optimise wireless networks in your home, ensuring that there is a consistent standard of coverage regardless of where you are in the building.

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