Web Hosting

UK Web Hosting Services Provider in Central Scotland

A robust hosting solution for your website and your email is vital to ensure you’re able to contact your customers and they’re able to find you. At Central IT services, we can provide email solutions and website hosting regardless of whether we have designed and constructed your website.

Our hosting packages come with unlimited email addresses which can be accessed both from your existing software (such as Microsoft Outlook) or via an online “webmail” solution. We can also ensure your email will reach you when you're out of the office on either your laptop,k mobile phone, smartphone or tablet.

Our servers are among the most reliable you’ll find, ensuring your website will be accessible whenever your customers want to log on and your email will be available when you need to read it.

Call us on 01324 430027 or 01786 542017, and let us give you peace of mind with your webhosting and email requirements.