Intruder Alarms

Central UK Intruder security Alarm systems, CCTV, Door Entry Systems

Intruder Alarms are your first line of defence in deterring unauthorised entry to your home or business and the primary way of alerting the authorities and those in the immediate vicinity to a problem. At Central UK our professional security system installers provide intruder alarm solutions to all shapes and sizes of properties, with the latest technology in both the alarm and the manner in which it is activated.

Our team of highly skilled intruder alarm installers will fully assess your property and present you with a range of options for your bespoke alarm system. These range from a simple trip-switch on a window, to motion sensors, infra red sensors, window sensors and a few tricks we don’t want to reveal here!

Our intruder alarms can trigger audible alarms, they can contact the police, they can send you text messages and images of what’s happening from your CCTV cameras.

All of which is designed to make criminals want to move onto their next target or ensure that if they are bold enough to attempt to break in, there is an exceptionally high chance they will be caught.

An added bonus to a robust intruder alarm system is that it can dramatically reduce your insurance premiums. Contact Central UK now on 01324 430027 or 01786 542017 to discuss your security alarm installation requirements.

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The Design, Installation and Maintenance of Electronic Security Systems for Intruder Alarms, CCTV Systems and Access Control.